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Default Re: Spca ampang in need of more adopters...

Originally Posted by mrsdolittle View Post
Thats the thing Bro... we need you all to cooperate and lead us to these people... Let us do our job... instead of telling us ..we are not doing or taking any actions...
Lead you to these people, Kak Anum? What do you mean ... they are everywhere in the community, my dear, every residential area you go they are there ... except behind the schoolkids' desks in the classroom ... that is why HK SPCA, etc goes to the community centres. Just fan out and go to the community centre committee la ... go talk to your counterpart in HK (via internet, its free, have your free conference call with them via the internet ...)

Originally Posted by mrsdolittle View Post
We have to work together... and may be there will be changes in all of the shelters... LETS NOT LIVE IN THE PAST... WE SHOULD ALWAYS BE IN THE NOW......
Yes, be like the modern shelters which now condemn the cruel and inhumane act of killing of healthy animals, especially cats, disguised under the name of euthanasia, an act which is actually done in the interest of the shelter's operations so as to make room for new animals brought in and not actually done in the interest of the animals!

So Kak Anum is going to be the big change agent in SPCA Selangor to introduce and push through all the reforms, ya? No more killing and mindless destruction of healthy animals simply because they cannot get a human house address ... lots of adult education, and TNRs, ya? Great!

For the sake of the poor animals, we look forward to Kak Anum's aggressive adult community awareness education programs and TNRs from now on, ya?

Kak Anum to go on national TV every week to promote tolerance towards neutered strays living amongst us in the community and compassion towards animals, ya?
"We organized in the past to make Trap-Neuter-Return possible. Today, we organize to make Trap-Neuter-Return the norm and to end the unnecessary killing of cats in animal shelters across the country and provide humane care." - Alley Cat Allies

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