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Default Re: Johorean Petfinder Forumers...


Which vets in JB do you send your pets? I sent my kitty to Han Veterinary and Dr Han is quite nice. He charges RM40 for 4-1 vaccination + deworm and no extra cost for consultation. He also provides boarding for cats & dogs at RM15 per day. I asked to see the boarding area. It's basically two 3 tiered cages for cats and dog cages are on the other side of the room away from the cats. Pets that are sick/recovering from surgeries will be placed in a separate area from healthy/boarding pets.

I saw a cat with a badly damaged back leg and Dr Han told me the cat was run over by a car in front of his clinic and he will need to amputate the leg before it was released. The vet also owns two very fat cats that are kept in a two connecting large cages in the front of the clinic. They were sleeping both times I was there There was also a poodle walking around the clinic when I was there and the staff told me it was the clinic's dog. It looked like a rescued pet due to the condition of its coat.

This is just my opinion on this nice clinic

Oh....I need suggestions for cat boarding places. I will be away for a few days during Christmas and need somewhere to board my kitten.

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