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Default Re: Johorean Petfinder Forumers...

Hi Kak Milo,

Yup...die da okay skarang and very naughty Dah 2 hari berturut kena gigit sebab die suka buat serangan hendap especially attack kaki orang.

Is it Global Pets? I have considered boarding my cat there too because they only charge RM10 per day but if that's the case then I have to find another place. Which branch did you go?

If I have cat-loving neighbors like you then I never have to worry about leaving my cat alone So far, the longest I left her alone is 2 nights. That time she was about 2 months old. Now if I leave her I don't know what will happen to my house when I come back

Dr Han clinic is at Taman Molek about a few doors away from RHB bank.
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