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Thumbs up Re: Kittens are sent back after adoption. To many unacceptable reasons

Seriously adopter trying to defend their actions he he he.... like i said lah ... if got so many excuse, jgn adopt le ... if the age (months) of the kittens pun jadi issue , entah lah ... dah lah kitten tu free ... kalau bayar beribu2 , boleh lah bising if something wrong with it...the kitten that was sent back , got a new home now, new owner said she is so quiet ,lovable and very happy...I guess it s true when they say, pets will choose their owner and not the other way around ...
just to share: We have found homes for so many kittens, but this is the 1st time we encounter adopter yang pelik like this... oh well, there s always 1st for everything

it sok ... we still doing our duty to rescue cats and kittens...we wont let because of one bad encounter, we give up .... NEVER!!!! hehehehhe
hey guys thanks for the encouragement...
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