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Default Re: Campaign Stop puppy and kitten Backyard breeder do trade through Pet Shop

Originally Posted by pandorabox78 View Post
Charlene,after loooong explanation by Jimmy, I dunno what else to say.It it worst than we imagine I feel so helpless. Just imagine we have sell and buy pets section in petfinder. Who knows BYB from which planet already landed here and "kaching' (the sound of cash machine).

all for the simple reason why there should NOT be a pet sales section in this forum.....

just my 2 cents
I am probably one of the handful of persons to think the buy pets section in petfinder is fine. [OK!, Hold your bullets !!] To be honest, if you take out the buy pets section, there are ten more other sites BYB can go to. etc. I even saw one in You close down one, 3 more springs up tomorrow.

So taking it out will not solve the problem, the problem only moved.

However, here's what PF should do :
1. Let the "For Sale" section matures into a place for high quality pets. Let the members monitor and criticize the BYB sellers. And let those who are naive learn from these comments.
2. And expose new BUYERS to the beautiful pets PF have for adoption. Like now, click for sell puppy profile, PF shows the for adoption ones first. Even suggesting "Can't find what you are looking for? Please see these, which are up for adoption". This technique is soft selling.

It's like if your kids are addicted to PS2, you cannot BAN it. They'll just go elsewhere. However, you can monitor and manage. Set rules and entice them to the benefits of reading (like asking them to read the walkthrough when they are stuck in the game).

Again - my dua sen..
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