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Default Re: 3 Very Cute And Adorable Kittens For Adoption

Originally Posted by June View Post
ya lor!! so I'm broke because of them.I have to hire my neighbour who is also cat lovers to feed the strays when I'm not around.I spoke to her today when i came back from work.She said ok, she can do it.she's only 18.She also love cat very much.She has 2 cats and 1 dog.her cats and dog are buddy buddy.he!!he!! I pay her RM150 to feed the strays outside my unit every day when I'm going to Australia.Another RM150 when I'm going back for Hari Raya. Kucing Oh!! Kucing.

hahaha, june, like filin says, u are a special case! Semi-shelter home....gakakakk!! I'd better run before you throw your desktop at me.......


i never met an angel before so i tot depa mmg x pernah wujud...but now i believe that there are angels among us lor...URE SUCH A SAINT !!! you can be considered "MOTHER OF ALL STRAYS"...

rasanyer mmg syok jadi kucing stray kat kawasan umah kak june...meriah depa kat sana...tiap2 hari free food, x yah bersusah payah pie kejar tikus dan porak perandakan tong sampah org lain...

kak june do you only sponser stray cats or u also sponser humans??? teringin saya jadi stary kat kawasan umah kak june...bahagia hidup aku nie nanti...hahahahahahaha.

wat eva pun " GUA CAYA SAMA LU"... & i here by award you with the pangkat diraja with the gelaran as "MAMA STRAYS"....
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