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Default 3 Very Cute And Adorable Kittens For Adoption

He!!!he!! semi shelter because the cats + kittens stay outside my unit.the ydon't come in 1 group and all at once.when the finish eating they leave my unit and come back again for meal.some will stay and lepak2. the most manja cat will staylah become Peterpan buddy buddy.

If I have all the money in the world then I will run shelter home for cats and even dogs. but for now I have to settle with my PR cats and kittens.he!!he!! It's a lot of money but I found out communicating with animal is so much better than human

Oh!! Filin offer nak kerja jaga kucing tu.wakakakakak!!

wa lau eh.......that's RM300!!! oh man, oh man, you're seriously running a shelter home man.....hahaha.....that's why u have to work full time la....but never mind, you have lots of love from all your cats! and that's the biggest reward, as animals give you unconditional love.[/QUOTE]
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