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Unhappy Neglected Labrador in Jade Hills, Kajang

There's a really friendly Lab that is being neglected by his owners in Jade Hills. This poor dog was left at home by its owners when they went away last Wed, 7th Nov. I thought the dog would have been at a pet hostel. But I had a shock when I walked by on Sat night to find that he was left all alone at home, just some water and no food. And his pen stinks of poo & urine. Anyway, I went home and grabbed some dog kibbles to feed him. He was so, so hungry he wolfed down nearly 500g of the food! Poor doggie! So, I continued feeding him on Sun too. And I hoped and hoped the owners would come back soon. They finally came back late Mon, but they didn't bother with the dog. It was just left in his pen, about 6ft by 6ft. The next day, Tues, they had to go to work. They left about 8 something in the morning, and came back late at night, after 8pm. The poor dog is just left there, with no food. And worse, today (Thurs) he was tied to the fence, so that he couldn't come to me for food. I am sure the owners knew someone has been feeding him, and to stop that, they tied him to the fence in his pen. Poor doggie. I am so sad, heartbroken, that I couldn't do anything to save him, or at least, feed him and take him for a walk. He has been cooped in his pen since last Wed. These people are so mean!!! I hope the poor doggie doesn't starve to death. I am so near, yet so far....
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