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Cool Re: My new little RES need helps....


Woww!! You had did a wonderful job! The aquarium cover looks so perfect..... your so talented... good job dude!! ... how you got the idea to make it? Where did you purchase all this things? hardware shop? especially aluminium mesh and the plastic black mesh( to separate the turtles).. AWESOME......

Yeah as i mentioned you earlier, the turtles and terrapins need lower UVA/UVB radiations than the desert reptiles.. but still can use too.. Oh.. your UVA/UVB fluorescent lights looks great..too.. is it comes together with the light cover set(the light holder)? how much it cost u? must be very expensive... so do u mean it comes with two set of UVA/UVB fluorescent light? so you can turn ON one light and OFF the other one?

hhmm.. yes you need a better water filter pump if you really wants a crystal clear water but u need to spend more.. such as Canister Filter.. you can refer to 88 Petssmart shop.. But more more powerful pump is not advisable.. it may cause the turtle to hard breathing due to water flow pressure.. and please make sure the water pressure is not too high.. this is what i had learn from the websites. as i check out your pictures, i couldn't see any water filter except of the water pump inside the aquarium.. where did you place the water filter (the filtration box, sponge/stones)? is on top of the aquarium or below?

Anyway.. your aquarium and the top hood really look great.. try to not separate them.. since now they have bigger space to swim.. To set up a nice basking spot for them.. u can purchase the larger riverstones or the wood in any aquarium shop.. i think 88 petsmart having it.. At one part you can set up the basking spot and the other part for them to swim.. so they will have a larger space to dive and swim.. try to let them together and monitor them.. if they still fighting, then you separate them... its my suggestion..
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