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Wink Re: My new little RES need helps....


Oh.. you have done a great research and your hardwork results well!!.. keep it up...

Hmm..... its build in filter box.. no wonder lar, i couldn't see it.. hehehe.. so.. the built in filter box is the basking spot is it? not bad.... huhuhu... yes, you will face the dirt spreading out problem if you had built in filter box (under water).. prefer to place the filter box on top or out of the aquarium.. yes, the water outflow from the pump is the pressure.. if its too high, the nearest turtle to the pump will feel uncomfortable and might have breathing issue.. so, try to check it out..

hhmm.. about the canister filter, there are many type.. as Fluval brand is the famous.. its look like one medium size of ice box which u place out of your aquarium and the will be two hose will be connected from the filter to aquarium.. (one to pull the water and another one to release the water).. so the filtration will be happen in the box.. and you doesn't need to clean it all the time.. might 3 or 4 days once...or might be 1 week once.. its normaly used for ocean aqua fishes.. but if you checked youtube videos, most of them fix to the canister filter...and suits well for turtles.. the hang-on external filter also can be used but the water level should be more higher to allow the filter to pull the water in.. 88 Petssmart do sells the Canister filter.. I suggest you to go after Canister filter coz your aquarium size.. will make your day easier..... check out the attachment of the canister filter..

Bout the UVA/UVB light.. the one i show you earlier is the smaller one.. but you had got it for cheap price (longer fluorescent) .. coz its suits your aquarium well..... Oww.. you mean you have learn to do the top cover from Youtube... great.. good observation... and it results well!!!.. yeah, i know it.. the egg crate, saw in youtube too.. you can use it to make so many things.. even a basking spot.. but i haven't find it in out hardware shops or DIY shop before... if i found it, will let you know.... yeah, once you done your crawling slope, snap me a picture ya.. i'm eagerly waiting.. looks like Youtube videos helps us alot.. hehehe..... as i told you before, let them to swim freely without the separation.. but monitor them too....

Hhhmm.. my RES babies.. going good.. at moment feeding them Exo Terra pellets, frozen bloody worms, cubifex dried worms.. and little feeding fishes in occasion.. huhu.. even they are babies, but they hunt for the fish... i put 4 fishes inside and the next morning there are none.. .. they clear it without a single peace of it.. no evidence of hunt.. haahha..... but giving them in occasion.. but they still fear on people appearance... even me.. till i open the aquarium hud, they will take time to look me up.. as playing hide and seek.. .. hhmm.. got to ask you something.. how did you manage to take care your turtles if go for outstation or vacation for few days? is there anyone at home to care of it? because if fishes, there are holiday food that v can place into.. but for turtle's.. there are none..need to feed them.. how did you manage it?
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