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Default Re: MUST READ !! Do not visit The Vet Klinic Near Carrefour Kepong (behind Happy Cout) !!

Originally Posted by angel doom View Post
hi there,

i've read your post and i terribly regret and i know your feelings. i also been at animal medical clinic beside food court near car shop front row there. my dog is worst after he treat my dog. and not just that, he killed my other dog, i mean put to sleep giving excuse that my dog is cannot be treated anymore but the sickness is easy to treat, my friend treat his dog with same condition as my died dog in other clinic and the dog is fine. see how useless nowdays doctors. i dont know what they really studied for. u know what, there's more strange things in this clinic too. i saw an article saying not to vote for the gov and looks like he is urging public to vote for opponent party and go against the gov. such a stupid citizen he is. for what he is a malaysian for by wanting this country to be destroyed by the useless people and opponents that creating problems and damages to this country. this clinic must be reported and be closed for ever. please come and see for yourself. all can come. there's more too. i saw in my own eyes that he scolded his staffs. i wonder how his staffs can handle with this lunatic so called doctor. his clinic is so smelly and dirty, worst than other animal clinic. i never want to go to this clinic ever again. i recommend all go to gov centre and treat your pets there. its not just cheaper but well cared too. this people are charging so high and animal abusers! thanks! :)

i face the same problem too...damn shit the DR>WALTER Gomez!!!!
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