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Default Re: Is it Ok if I buy TICA Cert for my Cat

From my 2 cent,

After reading all the reply I feel very sorry for TICA. Because has Ismail Mohd Ali (big cheater in my opinion) as representative in Malaysia.

As reading from this forum I realize that Ismail Mohd Ali has very bad reputation among the forumer here yet with all the other Cat Club in Malaysia.

I love TICA in Malaysia, but once I heard Ismail name maybe I will think twice for every event he conduct. I also feel sorry for TICA because Ismail keep do wrong thing in the name of TICA, without they know it.

This guy need to be stop quickly because he can make other registered breeder reputation bad. So shame of you Ismail Mohd Ali.

This is my expression on this bad cheater. (Ismail Mohd Ali)
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