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Default Re: Perth Trip

wah, u r so lucky...your dad like a friend. my mum likes those epic movies like ben hur, and so one, which has charleston heston or rock hudson. but she doesn't like to drool over them, she thinks it's unladylike to openly admire a man or his body...she thinks i have no shame la.....

Peter O'Toole plays T.E. Lawrence
Alec Quiness......... Prince Feisal
Antony Quinn........ Auda abu Tayi
Omar Sharif.......... Sherif Ali

So, which is hero? Title is Lawrence, so.....maybe Peter O'Toole? I've seen posters of Dean Martin...I think he's very leng chai (hensem) a dreamy kind of way.

Originally Posted by June View Post
wah!! Dasatnya blackie.he!!he!!he!! I think it was Anthony Quinn the hero from Lawrence of Arabia.More on the list heroes from the 60s. Burt Lancaster, Dean Martin, Rock Hudson. My father influence me in many way music and movies from the 60s.In fact we share 1 common interest until now.Music,movies and books.we can talk all night long about these 3 things.he!!he!!he!!
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