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Default Re: Perth Trip

my mother is influenced by her mother lor, very conservative...but the funny thing is, my hubby's grandaunt, who is same age as my grandma, is modern! and his mother is open-minded, too. my mother's sis also modern.....oh well, never mind...can't complain.

yeah lor, peter o'toole is so ugly....that's why i asked u who is the blue eyed, dark hair golden skin hero that u talk about. but if u think he's the main actor, then it has to be peter o'toole. i think he's ugly wrinkled. where's the piercing blue eyes that makes us stop breathing?

Tok abang, i like the picture.....

Originally Posted by June View Post
hah!!hah!!hah!! your mother probably right but who cares?? wakakakakakak!! this is zaman modern,girls can talk about man they admire openlylah.

yeah,my dad love swing music,jazz from the 50 and 60s like Frank Sinatra and many more. i cannot remember. I think men from the 50 or 60s are more gentlemen.that's why I love watching movie from the olden days.Rock Hudson mmg leng chai but gay.sob!!sob!!sob!!

Peter O'Toole is our hero Lawrence?? How come he is so ugly now?? not to mentioned wrinkle all over face??
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