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Smile Re: Post your Picture Thread

Originally Posted by filinlee View Post
yea.. lengchai for a chinese... r u chinese? must be a mix then coz u dun really look like a chinese though...

heheh... so wats ur real long name? :-)

Well I am a Pure Malaysian Chinese. Fith generation msian mirgrant with roots in Hokkien Nan-An. Dunno where I inherit my nose from. both mom dad also dont have high nose, me n my bro have tall noses. Last time i was very dark skin, many ppl tot I am malay, haha. Even mom told me "u dark until ah, if 513 happen again, u'll be safe, they see u as same gang, hahaha". that time basketball everyday,so vry dark.

My Real long name? Yap Bell Xun.
Yap = Mr Yap = too many mr yap around
Bell = Sounds funny n unique, but not appropriate for formal meetings. "call me Bell, James BELL~"
Xun = Pronoucne sumthing like "shin" with a U sound.

And Yes Hourus, Venice is in itally, if u are going there mind as well go milan, sicily, forence, the vatican, and not forget the tower of pizza (Pisa).

Mr & mrs Mondok: Well, After I graduated in Australia. Aust govt give me 800AUD per month (every month that i am unemployed). UNEMPLOYMENT FUNDS imagin!. Thats RM 2400 a month for doing completely nothing~!!. So u see, thats why there is less beggers in developed countries. Gov too good to them. If u wanna be a begger, become one with style~ beg overseas. YEah~!. Well but i chose to stop the funds and leave aust, the country only makes me lazier and lazier, If i stay there i'll become nothing. Everyones overpaid, underwork, and no ambitions, Join them or leave them~.

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