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Default Working Cats

Hi All

I was browsing through my favourite site (yep, when i came across the story of annie, the working cat at a veterinary clinic. it was so heartwarming. i did a search on this site and up came a link to several stories on working cats.

for your reading pleasure, please if you have come across any working cats or know anyone who have working cats, pls do share the story with us.

i hope this will open the eyes of "doubting thomases" or the "blur sotong" everywhere and even amongst us that animals are here on earth for a reason, just like any of us, and it's not fair for us to condemn them (just because we're in a position to do so) to an existence solely for our whim, fancy and at our pleasure. i hope that this forum will achieve its aim of educating by changing society's mindset through inculcating awareness on rights of animals and respect towards animals. in the meanwhile enjoy the stories :

(excerpt from, for full articles follow this link :

Working cats perform many functions, from GreetCat in a small boutique to government "Secret Agent" cats. Perhaps you know of a working cat or employ one in your own business. To submit your own article for consideration, go to Submit an Article.
Archived Working Cats Articles

* My Hero: Nemo, Donor Cat (Retired)
by Becky Adams, Guest Writer
* Misty - Secret Agent Cat
by BalletCatter, Guest Writer
* Annie, the Hospital Cat
by Franny Syufy, About Cats Guide
* Herbie, the Russian River Inn Cat
by Franny Syufy, About Cats Guide

The URL for this feature is:
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