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Default Re: World's Best Cat Litter - Where to buy?

Just got reply from HK, This is the reply:

The minimum purchased is USD1,000.00 Yes! Suggested you order 4 pallet (due to the ocean freight cost)

Packing format is per pallets which is 140 bags x 7.5kgs. (Would you please elaborate more on this)
The Extra Strength and Original Formula is the same 7.5 kgs x 140bags / pallet
Pallet purchase required (Cannot reduce the qty due to the packing - please see the attached photo) Sorry dont know how to attached the photo but just imagine a big packing of 140 7.5kg or WBCL inside

What is the per pack of WBCL that you will be charging? Is it the xport price like in the quotation you send me?
Please used the attached quotation price at my previous mail
Original Formula USD13.99/bag
Extra Strength USD14.99/bag

The Shipping cost for 1 pallet to Port Klang and Local pick up charges as below:-
If you choose Port Klang, the charges is : USD141.00 (for 1 pallet) + USD70.00 + (USD25.5 x 1.5cbm x 1 pallet = 39.00) + USD29.50 + USD36.00 + USD32.00 + (USD15.5 x 1 pallet = 15.50) = Total : USD363.00

The last bids which is the shipping cost is not so comfortable for me!

Well, this is what l got so far, any suggestion?
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