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Default Re: Help!!!! IT help required!!

To check the amount of RAM you have on your pc.. you can go to Start -> Run and type dxdiag

See how much RAM you have.

Does only the monitor black out..or the pc turned off too? (if the monitor is blacked out.. but you can see the CPU light working fine, it could be.. the monitor cable, the Graphic card or the monitor itself. Also check if the CPU is overheating.. (just try to put ur hand on the casing and feel how hot it is).

If the black out happened only when u're dealing with pictures / photo editing.. it could probably due to RAM / Virtual memory. Photo editing softwares usually are quite heavy and the computer will auto-reboot if the system cannot handle it. *scratch head*

If your talking about a laptop.. I rest my case.. I don't know zip about lappy.

P/S: Becareful when monitor blacks out but CPU runs like nothing happened (you can hear the CPU fans sound..).. I've had situation like this where... poof! the graphic card melted .. the cooling fan on the graphic card literally melted off

P/S #2: If you're not sure.. you can always get the pc for a simple check up..some computer shops does it..I think .. better be safe than melting
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