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Default The price of RON 97 grade petrol has been increased by 5 sen

Fuyoh!! Brader FK so kaya one ler?? Can driver BMW

I told you already what, siapa suruh undi BN?? Barang naiklah semua

Originally Posted by FurKids View Post
Heh, Clemento, luckily I managed to fill up my 4WD and BMW just before the increase ... every sen counts ....

No lah, Maneki, cannot travel around by bicycle in KL la, you mati katak on the road, not to mention the huge distance you have to travel and it will take you all day. Also, how to transport rescues around on a bicycle? I will look like the roti man .... instead of roti, my bicycle will be full of cats and cat food for the strays .... heheheheeee!!!! One accident and all the cats and kibbles will be strewn on the highway

Even travelling on motorbikes are dangerous in KL, there was a survey done several years ago which found that the possibility of a biker getting killed (not to mention being injured) on the road on a Saturday is extremely high

I will just have to stick to my 4WD and BMW for safety and dig deeper into my pockets.
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