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Default Re: The price of RON 97 grade petrol has been increased by 5 sen

Originally Posted by adrianng87 View Post
the government is making us suffer. i used to ride a scooter to travel to work, but sold it off and took a car instead when there was a season that rains mostly every day and considering petrol at that time is still affordable. now i think i will have to reconsider to get back a bike.

and yes, bike is very dangerous, had twice of accidents during my scooter days, got admitted to the hospital was a terrible experience. glad that's over. phewww...
Thank God all the animal angels were present to protect you, Whisky (Kacang) Papa!

Take good care of yourself, sometimes spending a bit more to protect your life is more important, Adrian, because there are not that many real animal rescuers in this world. They all need every single one of us very much!

Clemento, yesterday I stopped at a gas station to fill up the kibble bowl of a nursing mother cat and I thought I saw the notice about the new petrol price stuck beside the V-Power pumps? Thought I saw RM2.15 notice stuck next to the green pump and RM2.35 stuck next to the red V-Power Racing pump .... betul no increase?
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