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Default Re: bolehker? tercekik tak?

Tercekik ke tidak tu tak tahu lah, Linda sebab kalau you compare the BW kitten kibble pun saiz dia bosar gajah jugak (well, to a tiny 3 month old little kitty with a tiny mouth and even tinier and lembut gigi susu laa ... ). The only concern saya adalah kibble adult tu is quite hard and the nutritional value for such a young kitten ... I think the BW kitten is softer walaupun bosar saiznya ...

Kalau dia suker BW, why don't you try the BW kitten utk dia sebab at 3 months, kalau makan RC pun, the kitten would still be on RC Babycat which is optimal nutrition suitable for kittens umur 1-4 months old, and not even RC Kitten which is optimal nutrition for 4-12 months old kittens.

So while your little kitten may desire to eat the BW Adult, the required nutrition for its optimal growth at such a tender age (baru weaned from susu) will be lacking and later on it will not be as healthy and this is very important because the little kitten needs good nutrition as a good foundation for its growth so that it will be healthier and in a better position to protect against many health problems later on when it is older.

I have personally experienced many young kittens prefering to eat RC Kitten rather than RC Babycat. You need to check the freshness if the RC Kitten kibbles that you bought. If it has not been stored well during transportation/delivery to the shop as well as in the shop, the kibble will definitely taste poorly and your kitten will not want to eat it because kitten and cat kibbles (especially kitten) turn rancid very, very fast in our climate due to its high fat content.

And from my experience, no kitten/cat of mine (own or stray) have ever prefered BW over RC unless the RC is sudah rancid, so, Linda, check your kibbles. I am very fussy because dah lah RC tu mahal giler, so you must make sure you get absolutely freshpack quality. Saya selalu tekan, tekan, tekan (jangan kasi tokeh nampak lerrr) dan pilih bag yg absolutely airtight!
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