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Default Re: CPU Not working - help

Originally Posted by blackie007 View Post
hahaha, filin, this is what andy would say cyber-telepathy..... and only james bond kitty or vampires can do that....

But seriously, it beats the shit out of me......I noticed that myself, too....first I log in, then i compose. when i submit, it says i'm not logged on, to log on first. so i log on, thinking my maxis is acting up again (the line drops every now and then). after i log on, i saw hey, my post is already there!!

the whole pc can explode instantly and goreng me? u serious vivien? there're plenty of thunderstorms and lightnings here in kepong, in fact, nearly everyday, and i'm online all the time. my pc and modem is on 24/7 because my home alarm system and cctv is connected to it, so i don't switch it off. i may or may not be on the net, but nothing is ever turned off.

but maybe i'm protected becos i have a lightning arrestor on the the roof? i live in a condo and i'm on the top floor......does that make any difference?
wah your pc on whole day one ar..then possible lightning.....strike
if you are on a lightning protector device - normally it is a device connected to your computer - then maybe it strikes that device - you need to get it replace..if it is not working - it zap straight your pc - your most expensive part of the CPU might get "goreng"
try opening the box - you might smell the burnt smell

but you said lightning arrestor on top of the roof hhmmm it wont help
it wont make a difference - unless your pc is next to it...
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