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Default Re: CPU Not working - help

Originally Posted by cookie View Post
Yes Ezer, my nephew advised the same thing when my almost 8-year-old monster dinasaur of a desktop fluttered and turned black and white recently. Its time is up. This was what he said, “A freshie will set you back $$$. If you want to keep the old goat, it is going to cost you a lot of trouble getting it fixed”.
EXACTLY! PCs aren't too expensive nowadays... and it'll be 1000s of times more powerful.

Will definitely check out i-Jeanne and i-Dollah. They come without hard disks.
i-jeanne and i-dollah?

I say I-PODAH.

Like Penghulu said, just buy a nice clone from lowyat...

Originally Posted by vivienlpl View Post
wah your pc on whole day one ar..then possible lightning.....strike
if you are on a lightning protector device - normally it is a device connected to your computer - then maybe it strikes that device - you need to get it replace..if it is not working - it zap straight your pc - your most expensive part of the CPU might get "goreng"
try opening the box - you might smell the burnt smell
Even if you have a voltage stabilizer (which acts to protect you from surges), a strong surge may still get thru. That's why when you're not using your pc, unplug it from the socket.

but you said lightning arrestor on top of the roof hhmmm it wont help
it wont make a difference - unless your pc is next to it...
Here's the myth... Most ppl think that a lightning strike means striking your house. Althought that can happen, it rarely does. Lightning usually strike the telephone or electrical line miles away from your house, and that causes a huge surge that would arrive at your house in less seconds and fry your equipment.

In the US or some other developed countries, they hide a lot of their cables underground and that's why the don't have this problem.

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