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Default Re: Sakitnya Hati Ini..

Originally Posted by MidnightMaiden View Post
Pak Lubis, oooo baru saya faham. Bagusla dia dah delete pic tu. False advertising betul :(

Kak Nurul, thanks for sharing, that's why I love petfinder, banyak yang kita boleh belajar. Eventhough niat kita baik, nak carikkan good homes for helpless kitties, ada je org yg nak take advantage of the situation. At least with sharing, kita yang naive ni boleh belajar cara2 utk safeguard our kitties from falling into the wrong hands.
Not a problem MidnightMaiden, tu la I am very careful now about who I give my cats for adoption. Sometimes, I don't blame the people for putting a high price on their cats when they put up their fur babies for adoption. The reason is because they don't want their babies to be re-sold!

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