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Default Re: Apartments and Pets

Originally Posted by anizarina View Post
huh..i am in a big to tell a kind lady to not allow her dogs
poo at the grass that we use everyday or to scope it after her dogs fnish doing their business?
between my carpark and apartment ..
there are a small area full with grass..we have to cross that area to get to out apartment..
she always let her dog roaming around that area..i am ok if they just roaming..but the dogs always
poo there and the auntie did not do pity to our neighbours who is living at the ground floor
that is beside that small area...every day..there will be unwanted smell ...
p/s: sorry for the grammar error..
Pergi la cakap dengan beliau ... kan Anizarina boleh bercerita di forum ini jadi kenapa tak boleh pergi cakap dengan beliau secara jujur dan meluahkan isi hati dengan menerangkan sepertimana dibuat di sini?

You need to talk and communicate with your neighbours to maintain an open understanding concerning things within your own community.
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