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Default Re: Litter Training Rabbits

bit bit is natural know how to pee and do his daily potty in one side
i actually didn't train him at all........
when i let him out..he just wont shit or pee - hahaa
then one day when he was standing next to his cage - i realized why is he standing there whole time and not roaming
the moment i open the door - he went inside and start shitting and pee

rascal aka t-rex and nee nee cannot
train them also cannot...

when they first came - i try to train - cannot
the first time they start roaming around - there will poo poo all over
worst part rascal will go smear the pee all over his body - gross!!! disgusting fellow and he loves to play with his shit as though he playing football!!!!

till today both of them are hard to train
when rascal get too excited - his poo poo will come out as well

nee nee - it all depends but not a well trained as well. I dont know why
i give up of both of them... i just get ready my mini sweeper to sweep all their papaya poo poo.
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