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Default Re: Litter Training Rabbits

Actually, adult rabbits are supposed to have better litter habits compared to baby rabbits.

Afro, has your rabbit been spayed/neutered? How often do you let it out of its cage? And lastly, is the poop all in one pile, or scattered all over?

I'm guessing that your rabbit is pooping around to mark territory. This type of poop will be scattered all over (instead of in one pile). If this is the case, maybe your rabbit is still not used to the whole house and needs to make sure that everyone knows it's his area by pooping around. Letting him/her out more often will help.

If he/she is already let out most of the time, then you have to look into spaying/neutering. My male rabbit had good litter habits as a baby. When he matured around 5 months, he still peed in the litter box but started marking territory by pooping everywhere. Once I neutered him, and his hormones died down.. his litter habits became very good again.
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