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Default Pulau Ketam & MPK Klang Dump Dogs in Uninhabited Island

The Star Online > Central Thursday April 9, 2009

Stray dogs shipped off to an Isolated island of Pulau Ketam

RESIDENTS of Pulau Ketam turned dogcatchers recently, to help curb the stray dog population on their island.

The residents, mostly fishermen, had built contraptions to trap the dogs that were then sent to a nearby-uninhabited island.

According to village head Cha Keng Lee, the residents had written to the Klang Municipal Council (MPK) alerting them about the large number of strays on the island. Helpless: Some of the trapped dogs awaiting to be transported to Pulau Tengah.

“The MPK councillor in charge of Pulau Ketam used the money allocated to his service centre on the island to fund the dog- catching project,’’ said Cha adding that residents were paid RM10 for a big dog, RM8 for a medium-sized dog and RM5 for a small dog that they managed to trap.

Cha claimed the money was used to build the traps as well as transport the dogs to the uninhabited island known as Pulau Tengah.

He added about 400 out of the estimated 2,000 stray dogs in Pulau Ketam were trapped and sent to the island last month alone.

When asked if they would be able to survive on the island, Cha said there were a lot of food source on the island such as fish, crabs, lizards, snakes and wild boar.

He said the dogs were sent to the island to prevent them from being destroyed by the MPK.

When contacted MPK councillor in charge of Pulau Ketam Tee Beng Lee said residents had in the past caught and sent dogs to another island, which was nearer to the main island than Pulau Tengah.

“But the dogs kept swimming back and that is why they are being sent to an island which is quite a distance from Pulau Ketam,’’ he said.