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Default Re: Pulau Ketam & MPK Klang Dump Dogs in Uninhabited Island

SPCA slams MPK Klang exile plan for Klang dogs

M.Mail Monday, April 20th, 2009 07:33:00

ANIMAL activists have slammed a Klang Municipal council member’s move to send stray dogs to an uninhabited island.

SPCA chairperson Christine Chin was clearly irked by the matter.“Dumping these poor, helpless dogs on an uninhabited island is cruel.

“Without food, they will starve to death, or they may start cannibalising each other.

What happens if there is a disease outbreak on the island?

How can you leave them to slowly suffer and die?”

Last week, Klang councillor Tee Beng Lee took centrestage when he openly supported the act of Pulau Ketam residents — who shipped off stray dogs to a nearby island so that they do not have to be killed.

It was reported that Tee had used the money allocated to his service centre on the island to fund the dog-catching project — with the animals later shipped to an uninhabited island. An astonishing 400 — or about a fifth of the estimated 2,000 strays around Pulau Ketam — were caught in a month after the programme was launched.

It was learnt that residents were paid RM10 for a big dog, RM8 for a medium-sized dog and RM5 for a small dog trapped.

Chin said: “SPCA Selangor has written to the Department of Veterinary Services, asking it to intervene.

“This is just the wrong way of addressing the overpopulation of stray dogs on the island — it is short-sighted and inhumane.

“A long-term solution will be active sterilisation of the dogs to prevent them from multiplying further.

You will never solve the problem by just catching and disposing of them,” she added.

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