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Default Re: Toilet Training and Crate training help!


I think you are facing the same problem with many of dog owners out there including myself at one point in time.
I am not experience dog owner in any way but I have idea to share.

Crate training
1) Prepare yourself - Make sure you are not in any kind of negative energy mood (tired, panic, angry, frustrated and sorry etc).
2) Visualise positive outcome. Imagine the result and picture what you want. That is your puppy is happily staying in the crate.
3) Live in the now. forget about what was happening yesterday. Your puppy did not do it right yesterday does not mean she will not do it today.
4) Stay in a calm and assertive state.
5) Get ready some of her favourate treats and a clicker (animal training tools, I bought it from ebay. Not many pet shop sells it in Malaysia)
6) Lure her with the treat to lead her to the front of the crate. slowly lead her 2 front paws to step into the crate. Everytime she did it right you click and reward with treat. The final result is to make sure her entire body is in the crate. However, do not close the crate door in this first day.
7) Continue the same exercise until she goes into the crate without too much of hesitation.
8) After that make her sit or lay down in the crate in a relax state. Then close the door and give a treat. count 1 to 5 and open the door to let her out again. Continue the exercise and continue to increase the time she stays in the crate. 5 seconds....10 seconds........till 5 mins.
9) Ultimately you have to put her into the crate and move away from her sight.

Try and see. We shall talk about the toilet train later. Good luck and Cheers
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