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Default Re: Toilet Training and Crate training help!

3 cheers for feltan's excellent advice. I am not expert myself but now raising 2 puppies (one is 5 months and another is 3 months).

Besides what feltan said, I want to add that no matter how much they yelp, whine or barked, keep them in the crate provided you know that he has done all his regular business. For us, this usually happened just before we sleep when we put them in the crate. This is bad especially from the first week when they will be protesting at night. After a few nights (maybe a week) they will know that despite all the whining, nothing will work.

I remember waking up once at 2 am when my Golden made so much noise. We thought he wanted to relieve himself and we took him out. Nothing. Just absolutely nothing. It was pretty frustrating at that time but now we can laugh about it.
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