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Default Re: Toilet Training and Crate training help!

Feltan- Yes. I tried doing it in a calm manner of state and then I throw her toys and some treats in there. I even put her water bowl and food bowl inside. But after she finished her dinner, she would start yelping and whining. I tried to ignore her but is getting too noisy. One time, she was so upset when I open the cage to let her out. She purposely bark at me and ran inside the cage and pee at her food bowl. I was surprised at first when she went in herself but when I saw what she has done, I couldn't help but smack her face. The only time she let herself in the cage was when she was tired out after a bath. She would sleep inside it for hours. By the way, I tried training without the clicker.

Lohcl- The first few days Lizzy slept in my parents room for comfort. By around day 3 to 4, she sleeps outside the room. I can't let her bark too much as my neighbors will be annoyed and is a burden to them.

Thank you for both of your good advice. Is a bigger cage better?
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