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Default Re: Toilet Training and Crate training help!

You may want to try feeding her in the crate. Let the dog associate the crate as her home, her room, her den, a safe place to protect herself. A place for her to eat, relax and sleep. Also fix her water bottle inside the crate, so she knows that is where she should drink from. Keep the bottle far end of the inside, not near the entrance where she can put her head inside and drink from without getting her whole self inside. You may also want to give her one of those bones made of cowhide that she can chew inside the crate for a long, long time. If she chews it outside, snatch it away from her, and when she gets it again, she will want to hide away to chew it. Chances are, she will retreat to chew inside the crate.

Let her get used to this for a few days. Then you start to crate her by closing the doors.

As for the toilet training on newspapers, why do you want to train her to pee on newspapers? At two months old, she seems like a big dog to me. If you think she has genes of a Lab, sheltie, GSD, etc she is going to grow big. You would eventually need to line up a lot of newspapers at home. If you still think you want to train her on newspapers, I suggest you leave some scent of her urine on the newspapers where you want her to pee or poop. Just changing the newspapers all the time and removing the scent, she will not know the newspapers is where she is supposed to pee and poop.

You may want to consider training her to pee and poop outside, i.e. if you have a garden. Once she is crate trained, you can quite easily train her to pee and poop in the garden. Once she can accept being in the crate, then you let her out into the garden everytime she leaves the crate. Only after she has peed and pooped, you let her back to roam inside the house. If she does not pee or poop, move her back into the crate for another 30 minutes or so. And try again.

Hope that helps.
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