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Default Re: Pet Adoption Guidelines

I am asking for advice, as well as giving some opinion. I can be wrong though.

for the past few days, been visiting a shelter in Pg. 2 adult dog (medium size) got our attention. we were turned down immediately after learning that we stayed in an apartment. we were instead offered to adopt 1 pup which is not to our liking.

reason for rejection, the 2 dogs are barky type. hence create nuisance. ALhtough we did offered to take the dogs home for trial for a week or 2, that according to the manager, is not acceptable.

1. Penang is a landlocked area. most of penangites stayed in apartment unless we all earn a 5 figure salary. statistically, the supply of animal in shelter will always be more than the available adopting family who stayed in a landed property.

2. does it means that all pet owner stayed in the landed property are more able to care for their pets? Does it means that a dog is better off staying in the shelter, enclosed in a kennel whole day (except on Saturday where they can wait for their turn to be taken out for walk when there are volunteers), than staying in our apartment? regardless of what type of apartment we are staying in, it still bigger than the 2x4 kennel.

3. does it means that the shelter would rather let the animal being euthanized, rather than let someone interested try adopting them?

4. why the shelter manager doesnt even want to hear what we have to offer (house breaking, obedience training, separation anxiety training, min.1 hour daily of walk or play in a nearby field,getting a canine good citizen cert before letting it into a lift uncrated, the promise to pick up the pooh...etc), in order to make the adoption work, rather than setting a prerequisite of "landed house" for adoption? How many people out there is qualified then?

5. Is there anyone stayed in an apartment and succesfully adopted a dog and mind sharing? given what we are ready to commit, what are the chances of the dog we adopt will become a nuisance? i am also ready to commit for a house visit/ spot check from the shelter to ensure my promises are kept.

6. THe shelter manager is depriving other animal of shelter, for every adoption interest being turned down. the available place in shelter is always lesser than available animal who needs them.

7. in addition to concern for the animal welfare, we the human adopter preference doesnt count? why the "hard sell" of the pup not to our liking?

8. what is the shelter striving for? Educate the public of responsible pet ownership by showcasing how a dog can live with human for as long as the owner is responsible, or telling the public only the rich (by my assumption that only rich can afford to stay in a landed property in Pg nowadays) can get what they want.

THis whole episode is certainly disheartening. i respect their work and effort in savings the animal and trying to think for the best for them. but i would never go back to that shelter again, knowing that what we want doesnt count. i am not a extremely well paid person, i am certainly still can afford to buy 1 pup that we like.

perhaps, some reader here can correct me.
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