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Default Re: Truffles - Adopted & Resold

as i believe cerz also charge an adoption fee for 300 if not mistaken...but if anyone hav contact of cerz pls inform and rescue this dog back....and i suggest cerz not to give back the adoption fee money...
this is such a shame especially to sincere adopter out ther...i am sure this will affect the reputation of adopters....i think by setting up a grp of ppl lik wat dog is my buddy said may be able to help but still we don hav the power to do much but keep an open eye....maybe some one will go on disguise and call this raymond fella and check it out....but i do hope cerz can do it as he or she knows the dog better than anyone of us....
i will also don mind volunteer myself for the area of subang jaya (cos i live ther)...
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