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Default Re: Pet Adoption Guidelines

Originally Posted by graceccy87 View Post
Hi Everyone,

I am giving my rescue kittens for adoption but there are something that consistently bothers me.

1. There are people asking me to delivered or even pos the cats to their house.
2. Some people stop responding after i insisted for them to neuter the cats once it reach its adulthood.
3. If the adopters don't have any transportation, would it be a problem?? As i worry if some emergencies show up, the animals might not get immediate medical attention.

Maybe I am over thinking, but i want the best for them, not just get them off my hands.
Hi Graceccy87 --

No, you are not over-thinking at all! Your concerns are valid, and if an adopter is sincerely interested, he or she will speak with you about the adoption, and that conversation can address concerns on both sides. Personally, I can't imagine trying to adopt any pet without having a conversation with the owner/rescuer: What is the pet's temperament? Do you think it would be suitable for my living situation? How is it with kids/cats/dogs or whatever other beings might live in my house? What do you feed it? Has it been vaccinated, spayed/neutered, and are there any health issues I should be aware of? Etc., etc.

To address your points one by one:

1 and 3. Delivery and transportation. Anyone who asks you to send a kitten by Pos is not a suitable adopter. Full stop. Regarding delivery, if a potential adopter has no transport, I would discuss the issue with him or her. I, for example, do not drive. When I need to transport my cats to the vet or a boarding place, I put them in their carriers and we go by taxi. Believe me, my cats go to the vet whenever the need arises. Trust your instincts as you speak to adopters who ask if you can deliver the cat. One benefit of delivering is that it gives you a chance to inspect the home before releasing the kitten -- if it doesn't look like a good situation, you simply tell the person that you've changed your mind, and the adoption is off.

Finally, if someone from a more distant part of country wants to adopt, MASKargo offers very reasonable prices to fly pets. A friend who works with Langkawi LASSie told me that she flew two kittens from Langkawi to KL for under RM20 each.

2. Please continue to stand firm on the spay/neuter issue! You know the reasons and benefits, and you've seen the suffering of the homeless strays. This is an ethical requirement. You're doing the right thing!
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