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Default Re: Is it Ok if I buy TICA Cert for my Cat

Originally Posted by newbie View Post

I'm still new with pedigree cats.

Just want some info from all the otai's here. Is it right if I buy TICA cert for my cat.

I have a cat which is persian lookalike, but it's not a pedigree, because last time I bought it without cert.

But last week I went to this pet shop (but its has pet clinic) the owner look at my cat and said that my cat look very like persian. Then he ask me is it pedigree. I answered "nope". After that he said if I want to make my cat into pedigree persian, he said he can make the cert for my cat. So I shock, I thought that pedigree come with cert since its birth. is it?

Then I ask the owner who also the vet, he said that I can make a cert for your cat, you just need to pay RM1.5k only. I just silent.

My question is, by buying the cert is my cat become pedigree? And is the price to buy a cert that expensive? Is TICA allowed the breeder sale a cert like this? I still don't want to buy the cert as I know that my cat is not pedigree.

Sorry just want your opinion, should I or should not? Really need opinion because most of every people who come to his shop he will offer this, when he look at the cat almost look like pedigree.

Rm1.5k? For a fake cert? Better you take the money and get yourself a pedigreed cert cat.its of the same price tho

Lastly,with that amount of money,buy a pedigreed that comes with a cert as free gift.
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