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Default Re: Ethical Pet Shops

Originally Posted by BerniceW View Post
I would like to reccomend members from Johor Bahru that, there is a very nice & super clean Pet Shop in Johor Bahru, cleanest of all pet shops I ever visited so far (both KL & JB), no smell of dogs & cats at all.

Staff there are very friendly & most important, they are all animal luvers , help to look for adopters too.

Cages there are all very clean & spacious & all stainless steels, should have visit their animal boarding room, big, spacious & clean, no cages, but only stainless steel play pans, they will allow dogs to come out for walk and play everyday.

Name of the pet shop is:-

Global Pets
Taman Mount Austin
Johor Bahru

New Branch just opened at Taman Gaya, Johor Bahru.
i do agree with u... i work and usually hv lunch near the petshop. for catlover like me, i hv no problem when looking for grooming product but hv to go elsewhere to get catfood supply.

as i warm up my car engine going home after work i can see the worker walking the dogs.
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