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Default Re: Where is the best Malay food?

Originally Posted by blackie007 View Post
mrs mondok, once i tried fasting......that was when i was studying in uk, and a muslim friend (not malaysian) was was torture for me....i kept thinking of food lah......and when i saw a can of campbell soup, i just drooled like i've never eaten for days.....and that day was the longest day in my life!

that's why i am so full of admiration for anyone who can actually fast with a pure mind, and not think of food every few minutes! not an easy task!!
.:: Hehehe!!! Its ok... Some of my frens pun mcm tu jugak... Puasa sekerat hari... Lepas tu sibuk lapar n sakit perut... U can try again some other day... Hehehe!!! ::.

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