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Default Re: Where is the best Malay food?

Originally Posted by hatemetoday View Post
ayam kg @ kg baru...velodrom cheras also not bad...
kak ina......sorry, need more info lah.......I nie blur sangat, nanti end up in Melaka plak!

Originally Posted by hatemetoday View Post
outsider can come la...but need to get visitor pass from post guard dkt main entrance...if you really want to come...just tell the guard you want to see me....mesti lepas punya..hikhik...but paking sini problem...operating hours from mornign to 10 pm...weekends i think the tukang masak will not be around on sunday...kene check balik....
hehehe, can produce kad NST ke? But I seriously want to only mention not sure about sundays. That means, on Saturdays the same tukang masak will be there from morning to 10 pm? I'll be there this Saturday evening!!! I'll just tell the guard I want to go to the cafe, boleh ka? I mean, u will not be working on Sat evening, rite?
yaberdee-yaberdee-doo!! Tak boleh tahan.....tak boleh tunggu sampai saturday!!!
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