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Default Re: Samsung Galaxy Tab vs. the iPad: Compare For Yourself

Originally Posted by Marcelleve View Post
What are you getting next year? Tabs? New gizmos? I'm thinking either Galaxy Tab .. not so sure yet. I love reading books near the beach or just outside the balcony while Ashanta is in frantic seeing wild birds getting closer to her.
But iPad is quite bulky and heavy for my lady fingers . I think it is best suited for men.
I looked at a friend's iPad. As she showed me its features, I found myself saying, "Hmmm, that's cool. That's cool. That's cool."

I got home later and thought to myself, yes, it's very cool, but I have no idea what on earth I'd use it for. You mention that it's bulky -- I would add that the wallet is much less bulky after buying it.

I read A LOT. As I mentioned, I can see some selling points to e-book readers. At RM1000-1200, though, I'm not willing to buy one just to see if I like using it. What about you? Do you like reading on the electronic devices? :-)
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