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Default Re: Keeping Pets at Condo

Dear Administrator & anyone that can help

I have similar issue with my serviced apartment community in Petaling Jaya. Someone found a few dog ticks in their home which is at the midst of renovation work and reported to the residents group chat. Which unfortunately triggered the other residents to panic and started blaming the pet owners. More unfortunately, my neighbor also responded that he will report against my unit. My unit and where they found the ticks are 20 floors apart.

I have adopted a 3-years old poodle (7kg) and we started to stay in that apartment in December last year for Fridays and weekends only. Weekdays we stay with my parents landed house. Also, I have never leave my poodle home alone. I use the service lift via the carpark route to avoid entering the lobby and put him inside a carry bag whenever we go out. My poodle have recognized my neighbor open/close gate sound (which is actually pretty loud) and he never bark at that after 2 weekends. His barking is limited to few barks few seconds.

I am trying my best live peacefully but really worried that the Management will take action against me. May I know what is the worst thing that they can do? Are they allow to take away my dog? Any suggestions are appreciated.

Thank you.
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