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Default Re: Spca ampang in need of more adopters...

Dear Fk,
I understand what u mean.
I know u oso support hk spca for their TNR program
I do support too, in a way.
But Malaysia is not a fast learner.
As ezer said u can vote during the next election but then y so pessimistic (did i spell correctly?).
Although Malaysia Gov is not a fast learner but someday this program i believe will become a must for the strays.

Even though Kak num urge people to adopt adopt adopt but then it's bcos she show her loves to them but that doesn't mean she does not agree on TNR program.
Infact y don we all study together bout this program and write a suggestion letter and collect all successful example rather than comparing by talk.
Neuter and spay was not accepted by all pet lovers before but now half of the animal lover realise the importance and benefit of neuter/spay to the cats or dogs.
So to me the TNR program is not impossible at all.
It's only the matter of time and $$ and of cos most mportance is the cooperation by the public.
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