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Default Re: Spca ampang in need of more adopters...

Originally Posted by FurKids View Post
...such cats will not last on the streets like the srt ones and have to live in some designated away from traffic place like the corner of a park with lots of built in hideouts from the danger of stray dogs and have registered caregivers feeding and monitoring all of them after castration. Release does not mean simply at the streets. Modern SPCAs and other shelters work with offices and corporations to allow the managed colonies to exist around their office areas. I read that one McDonald outlet in America allowed a feeding station set up behind its kitchen.
Dear Furkids,

Truly, thank you for taking the time to educate me! (Especially when you're so involved in the PK rescues.) Yes, you're right -- I was thinking the R in TNR meant out on the streets. I hadn't considered options like managed spaces for feral communities. And that one McDonalds outlet may force me to take back a few (but only a few) of the hateful things I've said about McDonalds over the years.

Thanks again,
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