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Default Want to adopt gp

Hello HengJia87

Adopting one more piggy is not a problem for me, as I have ample space for piggies. If that is not a problem for you, please let me know the piggy's background and send to

1) Age
2) Preference on natural food, pellets or mixed?
3) Require on-going medics for health reasons e.g. injury or supplementary health?
4) Illnesses check record, if any e.g. previous symptoms such as bald-spot, wet backside etc.

Sorry if I asked too much of questions as I need to diagnose all preliminary checks rather than having finding the causes later. And later I need to tag in with my vet for further check-up. I presume you're the owner of the piggy, I believe you could provide suffix historical background, so that I could cater the necessity or having paying extra attention to this piggy if she required special attention such as medics or physical exercise.

Last but not least, as I said earlier in my personal profile, be rest assured that your piggy under my care would not meant for breeding purpose. That I could guarantee you.

God bless.
WONG Maun Chin
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