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Default (Penang) Borrow Traps for Catch, Neuter & Release

Hey Penangites,

I need 3 cat traps to catch 3 feral cats in my area to neuter/spay and release. I started feeding a little female cat a few months ago and have been leaving food outside regularly. Now, that has attracted two other grown adult cats, one of which is a male, and I fear they may start breeding. I only wish to keep the smaller cat around and hope to capture and release the bigger cats elsewhere, after neutering/spaying them of course. The bigger cats have been a nuisance in my house, knocking over my rubbish bins and leaving paw marks all over my kitchen counter. The smaller cat has been great and seem to make a really good house cat.

Thus, I'm in need of 3 passive cat traps (the ones with springs) and hope to capture them before the condo management finds out that they have been loitering around my area.
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