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Default Re: Forum Upgrading - Weekend

Phewwitt!! Looking forward to more cool stuff!!!!

What time frame, and....Saturday or Sunday? So I can plan other activities during downtime lah.....
Originally Posted by AndyKoh View Post
Dear Animal Lovers,

To better serve our Pet Slaves and their Masters, we will be conducting an upgrade on the forum system. There will be many more cool features and enhancements - yes, it's gonna be Awesome!

So, there might be a slight downtime of an hour or so during this weekend. Don't worry, the forum wasn't abducted by aliens.

We'll keep you posted. Meanwhile, enjoy your stay and continue chatting!
Come, come, kak June, let's go on a mini jungle-trekking at FRIM, Kepong. Easy stuff, well, easier than Taman Negara or the jungle treks in Cameron Highlands. Anyone else wanna come along?

Originally Posted by June View Post
tks for the info.I'm one of the hantu forumer on weekend.guess have to find new activities on weekendlah.
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