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Default Re: FOUND Beagle (Male)

Originally Posted by milkguard83 View Post
HI all,

Thanks to all those who replied and called.
It has been confirmed today that the beagle has been adopted and is safe from PTS..

Pls Pls Pls... if your dogs are missing, do look for them, they may be at some of the local pounds.. don't let them be PTS for no reason.

As for why I posted about the beagle.. its for the simple fact that it is the only dog that has the greatest chance of being saved from PTS. I am only a person, able to give home to a dog (also a stray mongrel from DBKL) and 2 cats at one time, and there is only so much that I can do. I hope you guys out there understand where this is coming from.

Thanks again to all who replied.
we should thank you for highlighting this issue
you just save the innocent life..
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