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Default Potty Training

here is my story for you all. I am staying at apartment.
Potty Training
To teach the dog where to relieve herself. at first you need clean up the smell where they potty/pee before,need do 100% clean up.
1.when find up he/she want potty or pee,bring they on news paper area at floor.make ready 6 news paper at floor. they will do smelling find the place. the best way try get one pee with news paper put at 6 news paper there.
2.never let they make single mistake
3.let they know where you want they to go and...
4.reward they for doing so. "goooood boy/girl."
5.remember each hour hurry the dog to the intended toilet area or dry area with news paper.(go pee! or Go poop). Praise and offer a couple of training treats when successful.
6.the potty training need about 3-4 month for successful.
7.If fail for potty training might facing many problem,they do pee and poop every where,the pee stink is hard to erase,you cannot bring they to friends house or restaurant.

my dog rocky need 2 month for seccessful ,and ricky have follow rocky did, he only less then 2 month.
that the best way for dry area potty training. News paper good and easy clean up.Just much more affordable!! Good for urban dog owner.
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