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Originally Posted by eric84 View Post
my JRt has been with me for almost a year now.. as we are away to work, we put him in a cage and only allow him to come out when we're back.

our schedule is to put him out to do his work in the morning once, and put him out twice at night. it used to work until recently he barks whenever we put him outside, wanting to come inside.. he refuse to do his work unless we do a few rounds of run with him.. problem is we don't have time to do this in morning and the barks are disturbing the neighbors... so we gotta put him inside and he starts to pee and poo at various places...

please tell me what can i do? i'm tired to clean up after him...
Hi Eric

Let me get this straight... so now u want to housebreak ur JRT indoor?

I'd suggest, if you want him pee poo in the toilet, take the cage and block the toilet entry with the cage door facing inside the toilet. Lay some newspaper on the toilet floor... leave him there while u get ready for work.

If your toilet is large... do block off the extra areas with cardboard boxes etc... you don't want to make him wondering around the toilet and forget why he's there in the first place.

When he pee poo on the newspaper, you can praise him, and give him a treat, then let him run around awhile.

This training worked for my schnauzer only took her 1 week to learn how to pee on paper, and about 1 month for poo... lol! abit slow on that... dunu why. After a horrible 1 week... I didn't have to worry about wiping pee off the floor anymore.
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